We are a Women's Transitional house for women coming out of Jail/Prison. We are a Christian based transitional home, helping women learn how to live a Christian life and teaching them life skills.  Read more…

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New Beginnings Big Country

PO Box 4193

Abilene 79608

Phone: 325-665-5538

Email: newbeginningsabilene@hotmail.com

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New Beginnings Big Country

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New Beginnings Big Country is a 501c3, Non Profit ministry based organization. We are fully supported by free will offerings. We accept donations of any kind.

Call: 325-665-5538

501c3, non-profit ministry- based organization

Stonebridge Ministries

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Our Homes

We opened our 4th phase to help women and children July 2014. June 2015 we had a fire in the back part. Praise Jesus no one was hurt things can be replaced. We moved the women and children to other places. We are still renting 2 of these houses and are praying for direction on purchasing them.

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Mercy House

Hope House


Freedom Apartments

photo-05-14-1.JPGFaith House.jpg

Faith House

Faith House.jpg

Grace House