We are a Women's Transitional house for women coming out of Jail/Prison. We are a Christian based transitional home, helping women learn how to live a Christian life and teaching them life skills.  Read more…

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New Beginnings Big Country is a 501c3, Non Profit ministry based organization. We are fully supported by free will offerings. We accept donations of any kind.

Call: 325-665-5538

501c3, non-profit ministry- based organization

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At New Beginning-Big Country, it is all about changing lives. Nobody can do a better job of telling what our ministry is doing then the people whose lives have been changed by New Beginnings.  Below are the personal testimonies of women that have resided in the New Beginnings transitional homes.

Poem--from Casey-- Thank you Missy!!

I figured sex and drugs would keep me sane; I thought it could

forever hide my old pain.

Only to wake and find it still creeping around; Playing with my head

making the same old sound.

Stuffing the pain back deep within; my blindness kept me going

back to the same old sins.

Only to be stopped by a divine intervention, being put with God in


A time for me to learn to be still, God wanted me to see that He

was real.

He put me in a place called jail. He made sure no one would make

my bail.

In there he had sent me one of his angels; she was there to show

me the right angles.

She had planted a seed in my heart, but it wasn’t something I was

willing to start.

Because I was full of so much fear, I wasn’t ready to let God stir.

I got out and sinned all over again, Only for God to put me back in.

God wasn’t going to give up on me, because of what I couldn’t see,

He had already had a plan

Even when I ran he was still holding my hand; I got out going back

to the same old place,

But this time I hadn’t forgotten God’s grace, I tried going back to

my old habits In which it just wasn’t the same. I was tired and I

knew Instead on losing my life I had one to gain.

I picked up the phone and called the angel God had sent me

before, and before I knew it Gods crew was knocking at my door,

They were full of the spirit and had their battle gear ready to go,

and all of a sudden a beautiful voice sang Praises to God with a

heavenly flow.

The music began penetrating my heart with an agape love, filling

my mind with a peace that I didn’t want to cease, opening my ears

so I can hear Gods voice, A feeling in which I knew I could rejoice.

The angels started to pray for me. Little by little they were setting

me free.

Once they left to go home, again I felt alone.

I knew what I had felt was real, but I knew something was missing


I was tempted to go back to the old way; But God told me I

needed somewhere else to stay.

I called the angel once again; I was waiting on her porch when she

got in. My bags packed holding them in my hand. I knew it was

time for me to take a stand. Alone I’ve been ripped apart not able

to hide from the enemies dart. Now I know a good place to hide

where I’m not alone ,and everything That is good I am shown. My

focus will continue on the one who loved me enough to die and

everything the world tells me will not fly. I have the truth that

know lies within, and every time I think of my father all I can do is

grin. Because in my heart I know the devil did not win.

Veronica’s Testimony

Before I came to New Beginnings, I had tried since 2009 to stop the madness having realized that I was an alcoholic. I tried various ways to stop drinking, I went to numerous AA/NA (Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous) meetings. I sought out doctors and medication and had enough of all that too. I became depressed and thought I was no good to anyone, not even myself. I had gotten my first DWI January 2010. My father was diagnosed with cancer with 6 months to live but lasted only 3 months. He was the only constant love in my life. At this point I didn’t think I could go on, so I took all the pills I had and drank as much as I could and fell asleep only to wake up 2 days later and knew it wasn't meant to be. I recognized that I had to fight and do whatever it took to get straight and off the alcohol. Well, with that comes a lot of different emotions. I now realized I've been running for most of my life. I know now I didn’t know how to handle heartache,rejection, abuse disappointment etc. without reaching for that bottle to numb myself,because it hurt so bad. I had a lot of physical and mental abuse, also. I was badly broken,but I knew I had to find a way, a right way, to cope and make it to heaven to be with my father again. So, again, I sought out different ways to stay strong by attending counseling meetings, taking medication, and keeping busy. But I would continue drinking when things wouldn't work out and had met a lot of different people along the way, and one more abusive relationship.

I was told I could stay with a man who I fell in love with, but it turned out to be even worse. I was beaten, embarrassed in public, humiliated, isolated and miserable, so I did the only thing I had control over, I drank, and decided while drinking that I had to leave and I did so only to get a second DWI, and at that point I went to jail on Saturday, and was out by Wednesday, and knew I couldn't ever go there again if I wanted to see my son. So I went back to the only people I knew, the old neighborhood. I thought I was strong enough to make things right and live there with my old roommate which I was told by him he would help me until I got on my feet. Two days later I found him passed out with a bottle of alcohol next to him. I had a hard day and thought just one drink, I could do this. I handled it well, I had a blackout when I woke I found him awake and wanting me to start a relationship, when I said no he told me I had to go. I didn't know where to go but I knew I couldn't stay there or do something immoral to have a roof over my head. So I found myself homeless, but sober. Frightened, hungry and dirty, I got my sleeping bag and went into a tin shed I was renting from a person and prayed the other guy wouldn't find out. Others saw me but never told. I was there for over 2 weeks. Finally a friend, who’s more like a brother, got me into a recovery house that I thought was the answer and it was I thought by this time. I was waiting to go back to court on my 2nd DWI. I had to do 90 meetings in 90 days to stay at the recovery house, that’s all they had to offer. Toward the last 2 weeks before I went to Jail on a MTR (Motion to Revoke) because I was on probation, I was given so much wrong information from the person, which caused me to worry. She thought she knew what she was talking about because she had been running the recovery house. I was scared and confused. I could feel myself slipping and knew something had to give. It did. A warrant came out. I had to turn myself in to Jail, I wasvery sick at this point. Filled with pain physically and mentally, I was worse than ever withno relief, and sleep now became very hard. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore I went to church in Jail and met Missy. I didn't think she was talking to me when she said she had a transitional house and offered to help anyone she could that would call her. I didn't even write her number down, because I didn't think she would want to accept me. I was released after 60 days, but on probation until June 28 2013. I went back to the same recovery house because I had nowhere else to go, and it was worse than ever.

I had gotten to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. I bumped into another woman who had Missy’s cell phone number and the address of New Beginnings. I decided to call her. The day after I got out of Jail, my son (12 years old), who was living with his father in Ft. Worth, was placed with CPS (Child Protective Services) there in Ft. Worth. I couldn't wait to see him. Thank God, I had put some money away, and was able to buy a round trip bus ticket to Ft. Worth. I moved out of the recovery house, and went to Ft. Worth, only to find out that the day before, which was the day I got out of jail, he had been placed in their custody. Now, I was under their rules to see my son. Even though I had 4 months of clean time, they wouldn’t let me have him. I came back to Abilene broken hearted, and on the verge of relapse, so I picked up the phone and called Missy and left a message. I knew that I wanted to stay sober and get my son back. I knew New Beginnings was where I needed to be. Missy and I kept missing each other, and the enemy was telling me she didn’t want me, that I'm not the type to get into a place like that. So I looked out the window and there was a liquor store. I started thinking about drinking, and thinking and justifying that it’s to much to bear; I'm just gonna go get drunk and start over in the morning. Just at that time, Missy called me and asked me to meet her in the morning, that I could stay at NB, so I never looked back out that window again. I left that morning, and now, because of Missy,I have been able to see my son every other week, though it's not always easy because shortly after moving to NB, I learned that the pain I had in my body was fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis C. The good news is that there is a cure for hepatitis C. Missy would say pray about it, and, sure enough, God answered my prayers. Today, my pain is less and I'm able to function, and I get up every other Tuesday and catch the bus at 3:45 am to see my son for 2 hours, and return to Abilene around 7 pm. Thank you Jesus!! Because of NB, I have a relationship with God, and Jesus is my best friend, and I know without a doubt, all things are possible thru Christ. I also know I have a way to go. With the support of Missy and NB I know I can stay on track, with no more reaching for alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. I now know how to cope with what life has for me, good and bad. 1 put God first and foremost. I still have issues I'm working on like going to see my older son in California, who had a heart attack at 32, but thank you Jesus that my mom and sister are there to help him. There have been so many blessings, it's amazing. I am now working on getting a place to bring my 12 yr old son home, and to be on my own. I will always be a part of NB and the Bible class, life skills and events. I could never thank Missy and NB enough. Without them I would not know what Hope, Faith, Joy, Peace and love are. Thank you Jesus!!

Vivianna’s Testimony

My name is Vivianna and I came to NB on February 23, 2011. I have benefited greatly since I have been here. God truly gave me a new beginning, when he brought me here to this house. I have grown a lot stronger spiritually in the Lord. I now have a strong foundation, I can build on. I have learned to live by faith in every way and to praise God thru the good and bad. I came to know what God's unfailing love is and I feel it everyday and see God's power working in my life, as well as others that live here. I have also regained my self esteem and know my own self worth and who I am in Christ, which is the most important of all. I have also learned how to live a good clean and honest life and how to walk thru life and it's trials and difficulties with grace, love and compassion in my heart, instead of hate, fear and resentment. I came here with just the clothes on my back and now I have all I need. God has truly provided my needs thru the help of all those,who have given donations to this Ministry. I can't thank you enough. I have also regained a relationship with my brother and Dad while I have been here. I also was able to obtain my birth certificate and the other documents that I need, so I can get and ID. Now I can go get a job and become successful. I was able to earn my freedom as well, since I have been here. I successfully got thru my probation and my court hearing with Missy's help and support every step of the way. I am truly grateful and appreciate all your prayers,donation's and support you have given to this Ministry. Thru all that you together have done, I am a LIFE THAT'S CHANGED! God Bless you all!



Betty’s Testimony


New Beginnings- Big Country

August 2011

My name is Betty, I'm 54 years old and starting a new life. I give thanks to New Beginnings for this chance. I arrived here in May 2011. Because of my lifestyle and choices I had made, I lost my freedom and had been incarcerated. Upon my arrival here, I have felt this is what I have been looking for all my life. God has touched me and had been in my heart since the days I walked through the front door. Missy is my angel that glows with the Love of the LORD. She and New Beginnings have showed me a better way to live. I have seen miracles and the Lord's work everyday. Not a day passes that I don't give to the people that have made these things possible.This house is truly God's house, through him nothing is impossible. I know this first hand, because I am proof of what God's love can do when you let him in your heart. It's because of New Beginnings and Missy that I have been given another chance. My faith grows stronger everyday. When I see people give of themselves for this home so that women like me can have a place to stay, a roof over their heads, running water, food on the table, we know that's the Lord's work, working through yall. I give praise to Jesus and thank him each day for the people who care for this ministry and Missy's dream come true, to help those who want a better life and to have God in their heart, to have a “NEW BEGINNING”.

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Featured Testimonial

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